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Caution! Do not Eat!

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I just absolutely love these dessert inspired soaps and bath bombs.

Cupcake bombs

Mini cupcake bombs

Oreo Cookie

Strawberry Pie

Sweet as sugar soap scrub

Jelly soap


Hari Raya Hampers

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Inspired by the Malay traditional cakes I created some gourmet soap hampers which look just like the real cakes. They really look good enough to eat so I will definitely have to put the warning on them just in case someone decides to take a bite. ๐Ÿ™‚

First hamper was inspired by Pandan/Coconut Seri Muka Cake. However, I used the apple fragrance for the soap, peppermint for the bath salt and mixed fruits for the jello.

The packaging is available while stock lasts

The second hamper is inspired by the Kuih Lapis, this time I went for the strawberry fragrance. The bath fizzies are in heart and flower shape and they are so much fun once they are inserted into a bubble bath as they fizz up. The coconut oil in them will leave your skin smooth and the lavender fragrance will help you relax.

The lovely flower box can be later used for storage

The third hamper, which can be given on any occasion is French Lavender themed. I absolutely love the smell because it’s so relaxing and not over powering.ย The shell shaped soap has the lovely French Lavender aroma and dry lavender bits which give the scrubbing effect. The colorful mini soap in heart, fish, flower and star shape smells like fruit candy can be used as bathroom decoration.

Lovely fragrance of the French Lavender


These are just suggestions on the packaging, however all the items can be mixed and matched. Home-made cookies, dates, lapis and other items are available as well and can be added to the hampers.

Bath bomb, orange and strawberry soap

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My first bath bomb was successfully created! Using coconut oil and lavender essential oil these bath bombs are not only fun, but fragrant and softening for your skin. You just pop one into your bath or jacuzzi and it fizzes up in the same way as the soluble vitamin C. I decided to shape them and wrap them up as candies.

After getting all the fruity essences I decided to create an orange soap which resembles the fruit itself. At first it seemed tricky, but for the first trial I was quite happy with the outcome and the fragrance turned really yummy. Just imagine those orange candies, it smells exactly like that.

I used strawberry fragrance to create these engraved heart shaped soaps. These are perfect for any romantic occasion, either packed individually or in a set of four.

Fruity Jello

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In preparation for Hari Raya hampers I made colorful jello which not only looks yummy but smells amazing. I layered green (apple), yellow (pineapple), pink (strawberry) and orange (orange flavor) soap in individual round yellow cakes as well as jello slices. I was really please with the outcome. Check it out.








Don’t they just look good enough to eat?! I bought some candle molds and tried making soap lolly pops, but I guess this would be a bit too dangerous to give to children as they might want to eat it, but it still looks really cute.

Step 1 of the Hari Raya hamper is done, more to come….

Lavender shells and Kueh Lapis Soap

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After a couple of trials, I finally got the right mix, temperature, molds and fragrance oil to get the perfect homemade soap. Before starting the soap making, I had to get all the necessary equipment. With a help of Google I found a shop near Mines, however couldn’t find it on my GPS so I went with gut instinct and instructions from the store and with a miracle I finally found the store. At first I was a bit overwhelmed, but managed to get all the necessary things to start the soap making process.

Here is what my first bar of soap looked like. Not too bad, but the smell an the size wasn’t right.

As I was getting more comfortable with the soap mixture and adding the color and fragrance, I decided to make Lavender soap with the lavender fragrance from France and bits of dried lavender flower added to the mix. To go with the Mediterranean theme, I poured the mixture into shell molds and decided to put a ribbon into one so that it can be hung in the bathroom for a nice fragrance. Viola!

Relaxing lavender fragrance with transparent base

Can be used to decorate your bathroom wall













As Hari Raya is approaching I did a layered colorful soap to resemble Kueh Lapis. I only used two colors this time, but more designs and colors are coming up.

Caution! Not to be eaten ๐Ÿ™‚

More designs and packages are coming soon!